4 Need to Know’s About Tree Removal in Virginia Beach

Chopping down a tree in VA Beach is easy, right? Trees don’t fight back, they just stand there, nice and still and ready to be felled.

So rev up that rented chainsaw and bring that big boy down…. Right onto your truck.

Oh dear.

Truth is – and most people are wise to this – tree removal is a lot more complex, and dangerous, than it may seem. This is why it’s usually a good idea to leave it to the experts. Just in case you needed a little more convincing however, here are 4 things you need to know before you start chopping trees.

Tip of the Iceberg: Part 1

What you see with a tree is most definitely not all you get. As a friend of mine who own his own tree business like to say: “If you think that getting rid of a tree from your yard extends only to what you can see above ground level then you are sorely mistaken” and it true 99 percent of the time. If you’ve got any questions regarding roots and precautions visit treeserviceprosvabeach.com and reach out to my buddy Tom, he offered to help any of my readers.

It is just as important to remove the stump and associated root system as it is to remove the tree growth above ground level.

Tip of the Iceberg: Part 2

Speaking of what lies beneath, it can also be a whole harder to get rid of the stump and root system then the actual tree itself. This can really be an area where it pays dividends to bring in a professional, because there are a range of ways to destroy and remove the roots and stump.

Another thing to bear in mind when tacking the root system is underground obstructions. Some people think they can just dig out the roots with a digger or good old-fashioned elbow grease. That works to a point, until you accidentally dig through buried cables or gas pipes.

Proximity Alert

If the tree you are looking to bring down is out in the middle of a big yard then that is one thing. It’s quite another if the tree is close to your house – or your neighbors. It’s even worse it it’s near a road or power lines.

The pros can bring down a tree in a controlled fell, they can paint an X on the ground and the tree will fall right on top, protecting all nearby property from damage. Unless you feel as confident in your chainsaw skills, if there is anything within the radius of a falling tree you want protected, consider bringing in the pros.

Learn more about proximity and getting rid of nearby trees:

Are you Insured?

Before you start hacking at your tree, take a peek at your home insurance policy. Are you covered for any damages that may occur?

We’re not just talking about damage from dropping the tree onto your garage roof or your truck here either. You need to be covered for personal injuries too. Tens of thousands of Americans injure themselves with chainsaws each and every year and, without getting too morbid, you can get the kind of injuries that come with serious medical bills.

Unless everything – and everyone – is completely covered insurance wise, leave the chainsaw in the shed.


So give all of that a good think over before you start your tree felling project!…

Trimming vs Tree Service in Alexandria

Have you considered hiring a tree service but then put it off simply because you feel the service would be too expensive? Maybe you figure that you have been trimming your trees all this time on your own. Why should you start now to hire a professional landscape company or an experienced arborist to do this job?


There are plenty of differences between the service you would get from a professional and the regular tree trimming that you do on your own. Professionals can get to the highest branches of the tallest trees because they have the equipment and experience to do this safely. They also have the right tools to know when a tree needs to be pruned rather than trimmed.



“Having your trees pruned rather than trimmed can make a huge difference in the health and longevity of your shrubs as well as your trees” said one of my neighbors who owns a tree service Alexandria VA based of course, he also mentioned that often times pruning cuts away broken, dead or infected branches thereby increasing the shrub’s chances at regaining health. Pruning trees means getting rid of potential safety hazards that come with loose, large branches that overhang the roof.


Trimming can be done for aesthetic purposes. So, while you may trim your trees and shrubs and make them look better, pruning is essential to get rid of diseases or dangers. Trimming does keep the sun from getting blocked by thick branches and it also allows moisture to get through from rain to the roots.


Pruning is done with hand shears or lopping shears. For thicker branches, pruning saws are used. Trimming can be done with hand shears but electric or gas-powered clippers also work. You might have these tools on hand so you can do the work yourself but one other benefit of getting tree service to do it for you is timing.


The right timing and the right frequency of the work should be done according to the seasons and according to the types of plants or trees growing on your lawn. Most trees will need pruning once a year. If you have flowering trees growing on your property you will want to prune them as soon as the blooms have faded. Shrubs should be trimmed before they get over one foot in height.

You can make your own calendar for pruning and trimming your trees and shrubs. Or, to make things easier, you can hire your tree service. They know exactly when each and every one of your trees or shrubs need to be both pruned and trimmed.


You could do the work yourself, too, if your trees are not too tall or you have just a few that need a bi-annual pruning at most. In these instances, a pair of clippers should be all you need. But, if your trees are tall or they are located near the home or power lines, always get the help of a professional tree service.


There is a difference in a tree service’s pruning and trimming versus your own trimming. If you need help, contact your landscaper or arborist to discuss a maintenance plan.…

5 mistakes a contractor usually do

5 Mistakes Contractors Usually Make

There are hundreds of contractors in every country and millions all over the world. These consultants do the job of securing contracts from organizations and governments. Execution of contracts has become a very difficult task whether you are in the industry of construction or procurement.

But how do contractors make their execution smoother? There are some common mistakes that every contractor tend to commit. Avoiding them can ensure they never experience same problems again. Here are the 5 biggest mistakes a contractor usually commits:

Over promise

This is one of the biggest mistakes every contractor makes. In order to secure the contract and impress the client, they promise more than they are capable of performing. The problem with this is that there is a high chance you may not be able to deliver your promise and even if you successfully deliver, you may go out of your budget.

It is highly recommendable to do a job that is within your margin of competence. When you fall short on your promise, you develop an untrustworthy image in the industry.

Working for bad client

Do not work with bad clients at all. They will always try to bring the entire contract to a ridiculous fee. They are not concerned about your pricing needs and would remain stubborn on their offer or ask you to leave.

Avoid these kind of clients who are not ready show some flexibility. They wouldn’t even refer your services to anyone else. All you efforts may go in vain.

Not knowing the full cost

When contractors do the job that is not under their ordinary realm, they make mistakes of delivery and especially costing. The main reason is not that they were not experienced to do so but the fact that they are excited too much about the potential of contract and would make big costing mistakes just to get it.

When the job is finally awarded, they realize what they have put themselves into and get to know the grave results of it.

No planning

Contract payments are of an unpredictable nature. Contractors tend to spend carelessly and have an impulsive approach. They pay less attention to their accounts and when the year ends they realize that a lot of deliveries are pending and a lot of thing didn’t go as they were initially planned.

The main reason behind this is poor planning. Planning can be tiresome but it is essentially crucial to your work’s success. Make sure you plan out each and every aspect of your business to make sure everything remains on track.

Low pricing

Low pricing is one of the biggest mistakes a contractor makes. Do not neglect the concern of price just in order to get the contract. Your business will not keep going without fair sum.

There is no reason to charge your client too low until and unless it is your first time and you are trying to establish the beginning relationship. Charge according to the situations and ensure that it is reasonable for both the sides.