Hire a Houston Tree Service to Prep your Yard

Naturally, you won’t be using your backyard over the winter months. That being said though, you also shouldn’t simply abandon it to its fate.

Time spent out there for general maintenance however could be few and far between once the weather closes in, which is why you should be getting your yard ready for winter during the more temperate conditions of Fall.

Get the work in now and come Spring your yard will be a well maintained, blank canvas ready to start blossoming again.


Don’t Rake the Leaves

Hey, we’re going to start with some good news – there’s actually some work you shouldn’t be doing in your yard!

Ok, for most of fall as the leaves are coming off your trees and shrubs you should of course be raking them up and adding them to the compost pile. As fall turns into winter however and you prepare to give the lawn it’s final mow before winter, that’s the time to leave the rake to one side.

An owner of a Houston tree service company suggested mowing your lawn with the leaf debris on top and leave everything behind – shredded leaves, grass clippings, everything. He believes that this material will rot down over winter, returning vital nutrients to the soil and providing a feast for earthworms. They in turn will stay active all winter, aerating your lawn roots and helping them grow.

So by doing nothing you come back in spring to a healthier lawn. Great!

Sort the Tree Line

Many people overlook the trees in their yard when they are getting ready for winter. The assumption can often be that since they are large, permanent fixtures in the yard, they can just be left to their own devices.

This is not entirely true however, and in fact a lack of maintenance can lead to whole host of problems either during winter or later on in the year. For example, a tree that has not been well maintained can become top heavy with overgrown branches or deadwood.

This makes the tree more susceptible to damage in winter storms with large pieces breaking off unexpectedly or even the entire tree being uprooted and falling down.

Bringing in a professional tree service now, can help prep the trees for winter and protect your home and yard from damage.

Tool Maintenance

 As the weather forces you to take a step back from regular work in your garden – at least for the next few months – this provides a great time to give a little TLC to all of your faithful yard tools.

Anything with a cutting edge – like shears and secateurs’ – can benefit from having the blades sharpened and a little oil applied to hinges. Give your digging tools like shovels and forks a good clean, dry them thoroughly and apply a light coat of oil to the metal parts to prevent any rusting over winter.

Just make sure all your tools are in great condition before you store them, and you can come back in spring and not have to waste any precious time getting them ready – or even worse, having to buy expensive replacements.…