Trimming vs Tree Service in Alexandria

Have you considered hiring a tree service but then put it off simply because you feel the service would be too expensive? Maybe you figure that you have been trimming your trees all this time on your own. Why should you start now to hire a professional landscape company or an experienced arborist to do this job?


There are plenty of differences between the service you would get from a professional and the regular tree trimming that you do on your own. Professionals can get to the highest branches of the tallest trees because they have the equipment and experience to do this safely. They also have the right tools to know when a tree needs to be pruned rather than trimmed.



“Having your trees pruned rather than trimmed can make a huge difference in the health and longevity of your shrubs as well as your trees” said one of my neighbors who owns a tree service Alexandria VA based of course, he also mentioned that often times pruning cuts away broken, dead or infected branches thereby increasing the shrub’s chances at regaining health. Pruning trees means getting rid of potential safety hazards that come with loose, large branches that overhang the roof.


Trimming can be done for aesthetic purposes. So, while you may trim your trees and shrubs and make them look better, pruning is essential to get rid of diseases or dangers. Trimming does keep the sun from getting blocked by thick branches and it also allows moisture to get through from rain to the roots.


Pruning is done with hand shears or lopping shears. For thicker branches, pruning saws are used. Trimming can be done with hand shears but electric or gas-powered clippers also work. You might have these tools on hand so you can do the work yourself but one other benefit of getting tree service to do it for you is timing.


The right timing and the right frequency of the work should be done according to the seasons and according to the types of plants or trees growing on your lawn. Most trees will need pruning once a year. If you have flowering trees growing on your property you will want to prune them as soon as the blooms have faded. Shrubs should be trimmed before they get over one foot in height.

You can make your own calendar for pruning and trimming your trees and shrubs. Or, to make things easier, you can hire your tree service. They know exactly when each and every one of your trees or shrubs need to be both pruned and trimmed.


You could do the work yourself, too, if your trees are not too tall or you have just a few that need a bi-annual pruning at most. In these instances, a pair of clippers should be all you need. But, if your trees are tall or they are located near the home or power lines, always get the help of a professional tree service.


There is a difference in a tree service’s pruning and trimming versus your own trimming. If you need help, contact your landscaper or arborist to discuss a maintenance plan.…

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